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Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer credit counseling can help you work out a debt management plan and provide you with the education necessary to grow financially.

Consumer Credit Counseling And Financial Literacy

Are you finding yourself faced with the relatively grim prospect of having to get yourself out of debt? Don't panic. We can help. It's what we do. We do it all day, every day, and we do it rather well, if you don't mind us saying so. We are the American consumer credit counseling leaders, and we're here to add a new dimension to your life. A credit card counseling dimension. All you need to do is enlist the aid of any of our expert consumer debt counseling officers. They will get you where you need to be in no time. No time at all.

The consumer credit counseling industry is here for trying times such as these. The benefits of consumer credit counseling are all similar. However, each program should offer two commonalities:

Consumer Credit Counseling Mandates

A debt management program should offer an alternative to paying off your balances - balances which may have been grossly and unfairly exaggerated due to excessive nuisance fees and finance charges tacked on by creditors without a conscience. The way this works is through negotiation for changes in balances taking place between your creditors and your consumer credit counseling professionals. Finding just the right consumer credit counseling service professional is key, because the more experienced the certified counselor is, the higher the probability s/he can work out the best deal - scoring you the ultimate in savings. In some cases, consumers who've teamed up with credit counseling service industry heavyweights have managed total savings of .

State and Federal Law

The credit industry is mandated by state and federal law. One such state law includes the Uniform Consumer Credit Code - which has been incorporated within Guam and seven other states. Laws like this and others protect consumers who are using credit as a means to finance goods and/or services.

A federal act passed to protect consumers is the Consumer Protection Act. This partially governs the consumer credit counseling industry and prevents consumers from usury lenders and enforces wage-garnishing restrictions. As a consequence of this act, the National Commission on Consumer Finance was established.


Under the Consumer Protection Act, creditors, credit reporting agencies and consumer credit counseling services have to abide by certain ordinances. Creditors must disclose credit terms to consumers. Marital status and gender preferences are also prohibited. It is worth it to research more detail on these consumer rights. You can do this online and/or you can presumably get a lot of handy information from the consumer credit counseling professionals. The second part of the credit counseling services equation is in the counsel and opportunity for financial literacy offered by these agencies. In some cases, you can even find free credit counseling. Let us take you to new heights of stability with our award-winning credit and debt counseling!

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